Starting in Miami, then to Hong Kong via Spain, Mauricius, Switzerland, Portugul, Guadeloupe and France. Of course, the party goers have been left amazed by the powerful live sets DJ Bens played.

Having been signed for 5 years to the world’s largest remix label (AV8 Records / NYC) when he decided to explore the universe of Podcast. Since 2013, every single new podcast is an event, which gets played in the top 3 on iTunes in France.

Trained by DJ Getdown and with mentors, such as Pioneers; Daddy K, Cut Killer and among others, he now has the full support of Cap Brand, a New Era.

Starting from 2011, he multiplied his presence, by introducing big music names such as: Fatman Scoop, Jeremih, Tpain, Genasis and so on…

Every Wednesday, DJ Bens has delivered « LA GOSSIP » at club MILK, Which became the place to be in the hip-hop scene in Montpellier (France). Additionally, since 2013, every Sunday during summertime, he is the official DJ of « PRESTIGE SUNDAYS » within one of the biggest clubs in France: L’AMNESIA (Cap D’agde), which won the Dj Diamant in 2015. There are 189 playing dates in 2014, 208 in 2015, making him -without a doubt- one of the most active DJs in France.

In 2015, DJ Bens collaborated with the 2 rappers: Bigflo and Oli, in order to offer the show #DANSTONCLUB. Dj Bens is bringing a fresh new vision of hip hop party, which differs from BLING BLING HIPHOP, which usually has a bad reputation for being overly showy and too much out there.

His experience as a resident DJ taught him how to be versatile and blend in with general clubs, while being able to specialise in clubs playing more urban music. Dj Ben’s aura and charisma makes him an unmissable urban LE DJ in the club.

Some interesting production music projets with his name on are to be followed in 2017.